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Heavy-Duty Drive Shafts

We are your drive shaft experts.


Over 60+ years of combined technician experience that you can trust

Trust Huizinga Rebuilding & Truck Parts Inc. for your heavy-duty drive shaft repairs.  Our  20,000 square foot facility includes our own drive shaft department. Our Hines balancer helps us custom-build any type of drive shaft our customers request.  We can repair or rebuild your drive shaft to get you back on the road or back to farming quickly.  We offer a quick turn around time.

Drive Shaft Services:

  • Tractors

  • Lawn Mowers

  • Semi-trucks

  • Pick-up trucks

  • PTO shafts

Drive Shaft repair

Signs that you need a Drive Shaft repair

Any of the following symptoms may indicate a problem with either a drive shaft or a drive shaft’s U joint connection:

  • Clunking sounds when the vehicle is in motion

  • Vibrations that intensify as the vehicle accelerates

  • Vibrations coming from the floorboards

  • Resistance when maneuvering around corners

  • Squeaking/rattling sounds

  • Visible play in the U joints when the drive shaft is manually moved

  • Visible signs of wear in the U joint, such as rust around the yoke

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